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IN REVIEW: loscil - first narrows


Label: kranky
Year: 2004

Some records are ergonomic, sliding seamlessly into our lives, not requiring us to change. Instead it is as if the record is sympathetic to us, knows the patterns of our lives and vibrations of our minds. Such records become companion pieces, offering utility in there ability to amalgamate with us. They make us attentive to routine events, enhancing our daily being which is why this music can be associated with the idea of the domestic life.


You notice the shadows of trees from the garden, cast in an angled frame of light that is reflected onto the wardrobe. Their movement, enhanced by the magnification of the shadow, is like a thick liquid, oil on water or the sequential patterns of the bacteria in a petri dish. The vibration of your body, the interface between you and the music is awakening to the otherwise imperceptible and is why ergonomic records help to elevate us towards higher ideals.

Vancouver based artist, Loscil has since released 14 other records that are well worth your time.