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IN PRINT: Footnotes - Issue B


Footnotes is a type design periodical published by La Police.

Editor and designer Mathieu Christe opens the publication by explaining that Issue B is the second issue of Footnotes - the periodical bulletin of applied research into type design.


For newcomers, he states that Footnotes issue A (now sold out) included the first part of an article about the Haas Typefoundry Ltd. This saga is concluded by Brigitte Schuster in the opening act of issue B.


The publication then looks at the jump from analogue to digital with Switzerland’s first generation of digital type foundries, a decade after Haas’ closure.

François Rappo is also featured - taking the reader through his practice, visions, impressions and projections. Christian Mengelt gives his perspective on the meaning and motivations of designing type in the context of today’s saturated, sometimes frivolous, market. We also get an essay from Adrian Vasquez - a designer at John Morgan Studio in London. Frank Grießhammer then shares his thoughts on the exploration of early vector fonts by Dr Allen Vincent Hersey.


To conclude, we have Alice Savoie, Dorine Sauzet & Sébastien Morlighem researching Ladislas Mandel’s typefaces for telephone directories – part 1.


Website Fonts In Use have provided a useful rundown of the typefaces displayed throughout the publication. They explain:

In order for the reader to discover the typeface(s) presented in each contribution, every essay is typeset with the related typeface(s). Some are unreleased, here’s their detailed list in order of appearance:

LP Jung is a still-in-progress typeface by La Police.
Detroit was available at Optimo between 1998 and 2000 in MM format.
Swiss Gothic is an unreleased revival of Gerstner/Mengelt’s Programm by François Rappo.
Antique is a private version of Helvetica by François Rappo.
Theinhardt Mono is an in-progress variation of the Theinhardt family by François Rappo to be released by Optimo.
AA Files Display Initials are a mix of styles drawn by Adrien Vasquez for the layout of the AA Files magazine.


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