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PODCAST: Episode 2 of The Serpentine Podcast: On General Ecology


Episode 2 of The Serpentine Podcast: On General Ecology. As humans, we have a need to simplify our surroundings to understand them. How can we communicate the complexity of the world in a way we understand, without losing its meaning? In this episode, Victoria Sin and Lucia Pietroiusti digest material from the Shape of a Circle in the Mind of a Fish second symposium, curated by Lucia and Filipa Ramos. Anthropologist Anna Tsing encourages us to consider the subjectivity of the land through Friendly Farming, and Daisy Hildyard attempts to square the individual human experience with its place in the global economic system. We try to find the cracks in the everyday experience that allow us to see the multitudes of meaning that surround us.

Hosts: Victoria Sin & Lucia Pietroiusti

Production: Jessie Lawson for Reduced Listening

Mixing: Steve Wyatt

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