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WATCH: The Apartment - David Verdeure


David Verdeure is a Film Studies Lecturer, Video Essayist and Audiovisual Producer.

In this video essay, (a joint venture with MUBI) he explores what a location — the apartment from Billy Wilder’s 1960 classic — evokes when it is scrubbed of the characters of the movie.

Verdeure states:

In this video essay, the apartment really does get the starring role. Jack Lemmon, Shirley MacLaine and all other visitors to C.C. Baxter's bachelor pad have cleared the way for the rooms themselves to shine... All human presence has been scrubbed from Billy Wilder's movie: their appearances erased, their voices replaced by a soundscape. (If you want a visual reminder of what The Apartment was like when it had inhabitants, you can watch the "before and after" montage of this video essay). 

However, this video essay's main goal is not to put a tired promotional trope to the test. It wants to function as a movie memory palace. The Apartment is a beloved classic that is widely seen and known. But what remains of the film's essence when it is reduced to nothing more than its locale? 

Enjoy the video below:

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