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WATCH: Kurosawa Color - Philip Brubaker


Philip Brubaker is a video essayist and filmmaker. In this essay - Kurosawa Color - Brubaker explores the work of Japanese film director and screenwriter Akira Kurosawa.


Alongside the video essay, Brubaker writes:

After making twenty-four films in stark black and white, Kurosawa decided to explore the world of color on film. He received training as a painter before venturing into the cinema, and his later works would benefit from his keen intuition about hues and their impact on the eyes and mind. By the time of Ran, the fourth color film he directed, Kurosawa had mastered the color palette for film. He'd painted every frame of the film ten years earlier, and when his eyesight failed him on location, his cinematographers needed only look at his paintings to depict his vision.


The four films collected here are treasures of cinematic beauty and some of the most breath-taking examples of color film in movie history. Originally published on Fandor.


Enjoy the video essay below:

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