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SHORT FILM: All These Creatures - Charles Williams


Last year, Australian director and filmmaker Charles Williams created the wonderfully powerful and thought-provoking short film All These Creatures. The 13 minute film - shot on 16mm - deservedly picked up the Short Film Palme d'Or at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival. It revolves around an adolescent boy who attempts to untangle his memories of a mysterious infestation, the unravelling of his father, and the ‘little creatures’ inside us all. 

Cultural Bulletin will be speaking to Charles about his film in an excluse interview for Issue B. In the meantime, enjoy a director’s statement, stills and the trailer for the film below:


Director's Statement

I think we all reassess the memories we have of our parents as we get older. This is especially true if we have a parent that was volatile or destructive – our memories of these giants can take on an almost mythic quality. 

Over time, we can we try to seek a deeper understanding. Who were they? Were they tormented themselves? Or mentally ill? What is the story we tell to understand these people? 

Where a destructive parent is concerned, there is also a child's fear of inheriting that damage, and what control, if any, a person can have over that. 

With 'All These Creatures' I wanted to explore these themes in a way that was immersive and visceral. To follow the memories of someone trying to understand a parent and the damage caused and, in the process, examine their own potentially unreliable experience of the world. 

My hope is that the film can deliver some sense of understanding for those volatile creatures who cause harm in our lives. Is it possible to see them outside of just who they are in our memories? 

Even if there are tragic consequences, can we still find some compassion for their struggle - and our own?

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Tempest Yared Scott

Mal Mandela Mathia

Winta Helen Hailu

Isabella Melody Demessie

Narrator Melchisedek Nkailu

Tempest’s Friends Mohammad Shahid Zada, Nejeebullah Muhummad, Louis Savage, Breanna Ruwoldt, Corey Kirk, Jamal Taylor

Woodwork Student  Leah Maric

Teacher Katherine Muir

People on the Street Dennis Petropoulos, Lucas Petropoulos, Karl Fernando, Walter Kajer, Sade Aroha Waaka, Llewellyn Michael Bates

Students Lachlan Anderson, Joshua Burgess, Megan Elliot, Siennah Ferris, Yasmin Issacs, Isabella Heffernan, Elma Jelacevic, Richard Mezei, Aqueel Abdul Karem, Georgia Neilson, Medhi Jafari, Lennon Moons, Ben Evans, Sara Demessie, Bemenet Melaku, Hunter Vaughan

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