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Architecture/Design: MOS & Studio Lin - Low Resolution Houses


Overview Below. Read more on MOS’ Website here.

This exhibition consists of 44 houses by 44 architecture offices. 

The house has an exhaustive history within architecture. As a protagonist of formalism throughout modernism and postmodernism, it has been a recurring problem for urbanism. And, simultaneously, it has been considered a solution for urbanism and a problem for formalism (Levittown). The house has been at the center of phenomenological questions (dwelling), a frequent site of the everyday vernacular, and the primary subject of the digital/virtual. In this particular exhibition, houses were chosen simply because there are a lot of them circulating around the Internet, available to gather. And because nowadays the house has seemingly become more and more of a desirable design object, an image, a stage set, a thing, a product both in how it is made and culturally understood. The house is a receptacle for identity and technology, similar to our phones.