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MUSIC: Camizole – Camizole

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Label: Spalax Music / SouffleContinu

"Is freedom worth more than mastery, construction and achievement? In replying yes, the utopians of Camizole clear show which side they are on. For them, musical creation must be as spontaneous as possible. To achieve this, it is better to put egos to one side to concentrate on collective experimentation, to be tried and tested in front of a live audience. Playing the card of unlimited and unhindered improvisation is Camizole's crédo, having decided to get a taste of the urgent game-playing already established by the Nihilist Spasm Band and the Living Theatre research of Julian Beck and Judith Malina." – SouffleContinu

Charles De Gaulle Artist(s): Camizole Title: Camizole Record Label: Spalax Music / SouffleContinu Catalog Number: SPALAXCD14549 Date: 1999

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