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In Review: Nozomu Matsumoto - Climatotherapy

Label: The Death of Rave


‘Today’s reality is the science fiction of the past, there is no future…’

Our conception of the future, in many respects, has arrived and we are living in it. The banality was perhaps naively unexpected, yet it hangs - a thin digital veil - over a surrealism which to us is now strangely anodyne and in itself holds a bizarre quality. We were prepped for this kind of reality - an unreal one, a contradictory one, unknowable and hyperreal.

Nozomu Matsumoto delivers a 16-minute long-form record, Climatotherapy, that musically holds the emotional depth and nuance of a straight to Blue Ray Disney epic and is contrasted by the monosyllabic tones of text to voice software. It is both dramatic and dystopian in the most palatable sense possible - why does this speak to us and what is saying?

Beyond what is literally being said (‘Ross in Ancient China’ and ‘Generic Baby’), Matsumoto’s piece questions the nature of what resonates with us musically and culturally. There is a round-edged quality and a softness to the piece, an incubatory warmth that is comforting and familiar, a sort of relinquishment. If ease, luxury or joy had to be looked at across human civilisation - now would probably be its most passive form. Climatotherapy serves as a symbol for the simulation of dramatic narrative as opposed to an actual dramatic narrative.

This type of experience could be comparable to The Matrix when the character Trinity downloads the knowledge of how to fly a helicopter - it is a sort of hack. The outcome is she can fly a helicopter but without any of the effort or challenge that comes with developing a new skill. Perhaps the verb ‘consume’ as opposed to ‘experience’ goes some way to highlighting the type of content prevalent today. Across the ambient dramatics of Climatotherapy, there is the feeling that we know this about our culture and we like it. AG