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In Review: REZZETT - Rezzett LP

Label: The Trilogy Tapes


Rezzett's Rezzet LP released on Trilogy Tapes drips with the seedy glow of a city at night and resonates as if occupying the negative space between every act of debauchery. Communicated through the mania of the cover art and tracks like Sexzzy Creep and Gremlinz - there is a caricatured grotesqueness that shakes throughout the subtext of the album. Beyond this strand, the record’s heavily re-amped drums offer distorted punctation points that pulse to ambient synths and luminous arpeggios. Despite a heavy use of distortion across the board, the record escapes the often too easily attributed monicker of lo-fi by spanning a wide breadth of frequencies and offering a sonic richness that glows throughout. 

Yunus In Ekstaci would not sound of out of place in a O Yuki Conjugate record, capturing an analog serenity that comes delivered with fraught edges. Across the record, Rezzett successfully manages to hold in view a kind of neon expulsion - an almost fictitious club culture of which the underbelly is something like Nicolas Winding Refn’s Only God Forgives. Having such a distinct aesthetic allows Rezzett to borrow from strands of Techno, Grime, Breaks, Ambient and Dub whilst delivering a record that, conceptually speaking, is both tight and consistent. AG