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In Review: Gabor Lazar - Unfold

Label: The Death of Rave


‘Unfold’, ‘Elastic’, ‘Squeeze’, ‘Propel’, ‘Rush’, ‘Steady’ and ‘Repeater’ are the track names of Gabor Lazar’s record Unfold and also serve as a descriptive means for communicating the mix of wavy elastic forms that oscillate with all the implausibility of interlocking Möbius strips. The record moves across its 8 parts and 39 minutes all the while maintaining its hyperreal, AI, VR-ready otherworldly techno/breaks mix. Despite a plethora of conceptually driven future music, many are in fact pop culture pastiches, that are satirical and actually feel more like comments on present cultural/consumer values (see James Ferraro or PC Music for good examples of this). 

Gabor Lazar has done a good job of making something that feels technological cutting edge enough to feel actually futuristic. The music is club ready and would relish being blasted through a massive sound system but also works as on the micro level as a sort of brain food. Aesthetically and tonally, it feels like the movement and weight of the equally opposing forms enhance the sensation of both sides of the brain, stretching your perceived logic on the right whilst engaging the creative mind on the left. It's a weird sensation for a record that despite being so singular and focussed managing to reach such depths and heights at the same time. AG