Cultural Bulletin
Cultural Bulletin is a quarterly magazine that provides an international view of creative work. We look to film, music, design and art as signifiers of our cultural moment.

Radio: Plato's House - July, 2018

Each month, private press label, Plato's House share a mix from their show on Netil Radio.


Accident du Travail - merluzo
Acolytes - Untitled
Angel’s Egg - Light of Other Lives
The Black Phlegm - Movement Six
Dolphins Into The Future - Lieven Martens Moana - Mo'o (For Francesco Cavaliere, 2014)
Gabor Lazar - Elastic
Ismo Laakso - Link 1
Korea Undok Group - This Fantasy Is Unhealthy
Kosmos - Syvakosmo
Move D - Tribute To Mr. Fingers
Neutral - Koldgatan
Nsi. - 18
Pig - Falling Apart
Pole - Weit
Sote - Lilt
Martin Kippenberger - Bang, Bang