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In Review: Bränn Ner Hela Skiten - Various

Record Label: Förlag För Fri Musik

Swedish label Förlag För Fri Musik, home to Blod and Enhet For Fri Musik, take the idea of lo-fi to new heights in this ripped up and fragmented compilation of agony. Bränn Ner Hela Skiten, which translates, amusingly, to ‘Burn Down The Whole Shit’ features a host of Swedish bands and artists as well as a few cited as ‘unknown artists’ that all contribute towards a compilation that fulfils the title’s prophecy.

Many of the tracks, a minute or less, do perish before your eyes like pages of a book on fire or a camera film disintegrating, projecting a memory only once. The fragility of these songs, which sound more like moments, hang by the thinnest of threads oscillating between oblivion (see the atonal noise of Leda’s Hög Puls, På Väg) and the quiet softness of Alltid Hemåt by Enhet För Fri Musik or the sombre mood of Pig’s (great name) Mist Of Confusion.

The record follows a similar pattern to Enhet For Fri Musik’s fantastic Det Finns Ett Hjärta Som För Dig with the record heavily rooted in a distinctive blend of death folk, noise/industrial and field recordings. The disparate tonalities between songs and recording styles create a distinctly visual record that sounds every part documentary as much as it does music. AG