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In Review: Wayang - Suba

Label: Offen Music


Highly Recommended 

Offen Music present lost treasure Wayang, created by late Yugoslavian producer Mira Subotic, who more commonly went as Rex Illusivii - his 1988 offering In The Moon Cage also comes highly recommended.

Under the moniker Suba, Subotic’s only previous release is Sao Paolo Confessions from 1999, the year of his untimely death. Amazingly, Wayang, which was originally recorded in 1995, was archived and unreleased for over 20 years.  

Wayang is a genre-bending elixir of vibrant colour and surreal energy filtered through the prism of a Yugoslavian in São Paulo. It’s an exceptionally well-balanced record with the component pieces of each track propelling one another forward, sustaining a narrative and sense of journey throughout the 56 minute running time. Wayang feels connected to the technology of its time theoretically rather than actually, expressing the plasticity of the Internet and dial-up connections - when phone lines and the world wide web felt inherently linked. It’s an optimistic presentation of the ideas held in 1995, when the Internet was but a fledgeling. The connectivity and rapid overlay of communication, ideas and cultures were the commonly shared ideal - a brave new world.

Sample laden and ever-changing, the record feels as though it is being received rather than manually put together. What we know of Subotic means this certainly was not the case and is a testament to his genius and the phantasmagoric world he has built in Wayang. AG