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In Review: Red Lantern at the Kallikatsou - The Chi Factory featuring Hanyo van Oosterom

Record Label: Astral Industries

Hanyo van Oosterom’s (aka Chi Factory) Red Lantern at the Kallikatsou is a remix of DeepChord’s Lanterns and was released on Astral Industries on the 12th December, 2017.

Red Lantern at The Kallikatsou presents two 21 minute pieces filled with amorphous chambers soaked with history and emotion. They are set in worlds that hold the grandeur of lost civilisations - where only ruinous structures remain and haunted dissonance echoes eternally.

The record begins with water depicted figuratively, layered with indistinct speech and field recordings, before being enveloped by more mystical overtones that establish a theme that continues throughout. Over the course of the record the liquid becomes thicker - we hear cascades, dripping voids, eruptions, distant tides, reverberant rivers, still pools and at its end we experience full submersion. Each of these moments are articulated through impressionism, enhanced by synths and slow rhythms that the record is imbued with. The varying forms of water symbolically represent the power play between light and dark - a metaphor for the fragility in which life hangs, and its ability to transform between peace and chaos at any moment.

Sonically, the record employs a vast array of low fidelity YouTube samples, cassette recordings and pitch-shifted audio. The combination of these sounds, coupled with the complex layers, give a translucent quality in which the listener can hear elements that disintegrate in slow motion as something new emerges in its place. The soft distortion and distressed artefacts suggest a vulnerability within the balance of the component parts that, over time, depict a tension and unease as more somber and dissonant sounds appear.

Real beauty is both complex and simple at the same time. Witnessing beauty appear amongst distress substantiates its truth, meaning that we can more greatly appreciate its presence. AG