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In Review: Idylls - Lieven Martens Moana


Idylls presents us with a series of abstract sound landscapes that move cross-continent. Natural/field recordings - layered and sequenced with electronic and acoustic instrumentation - add a sense of otherness to the experience whilst seeming grounded in a factual language. Each sound is presented on an equal footing and by doing so removes any presupposed context from the listener - the sound of static, wildlife, a piano, synth, rain, water and people can be heard objectively and in sequence together. 

Famed Designer Milton Glazer’s take on the defining characteristic of what art is comes to mind when listening to Idylls, and that one purpose of art is to move the viewer towards attentiveness. Although dealing in the visual language this can be of course be applied to any medium, however, after listening to Idylls, you feel you have really seen something -  experiences and memories overlaid that contain the content of someone and something else. It’s an exotic world of elegance, precision and non-sensationalist beauty presented in a flowing narrative. In short, it’s a privileged place to visit. AG

MusicAdam Greenhalgh