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In Review: Det Finns Ett Hjärta Som För Dig - Enhet För Fri Musik

Record Label: OMLOTT

Released as a limited run of 300 copies through label Omlott, Swedish group Enhet För Fri Musik present Det Finns Ett Hjärta Som För Dig. This record feels closer to a memory than a set of songs - it becomes a form of audio diary and, when considered through this lens, is strangely beautiful. It is youthful with an irrepressible decay - a delicately balanced thing.  Everything in the record sounds remembered and not deliberate, the songs sound like field recordings which gives them a feel of a belonging to a documentary as opposed to a studio performance.

The record has the remoteness of a hazy memory where only the most significant aspects remain: the emotions. Like a secret, there is an intimacy and vulnerability that shakes through all the component pieces, perhaps this frequency is what unites the seemingly disparate moments into a something that connects as a whole. The record leads up to its emotional end: a 10 minute wondering piece that, even if you don’t speak Swedish, (I don’t) could break you into pieces. It speaks to the visceral softness that exists of our time, tragedy in nothing, despair in bliss and hope in love. AG