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Label: Omlott


In the ordinary and every day, exists the sublime. Ambient sounds are well positioned to change the context of what you are seeing. Ambient can be used medicinally to numb, relax or emphasise a scenario. Stabbed In The Brain, the first track from Arv & Miljö’s Svensk sommar i stilla frid expectedly morphs the listener's environment - subduing, sedating and slowing down. 

Employing sounds of the everyday, Arv & Miljö use (seemingly) found sounds, spoken word and field recordings to create a patterned collage that humanises the otherwise alien sounds of ambient expanses. This process of sliding contexts destabilises the ordinary and surreal encouraging a more attentive awareness of the daily soundscapes of our lives. The sound of a marketplace, the hydraulics of a lorry or background chatter in a restaurant are, objectively speaking, complex and ever-changing patterns of sound. For logical reasons - such daily sounds are, understandably, relegated to the bottom of the audio sensory pile as ‘background noise’.

In the spirit of John Cage, Svensk sommar i stilla frid finds music in what is the usually defined as the unmusical. Morphing our expectations, Arv & Miljö show the beauty in the unheard by delicately building alternate versions of our daily experiences. In the ordinary and every day, exists the sublime. AG