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Label: City Slang


Gold Panda and Jas Shaw (of Simian Mobile Disco) come together as Selling for their first record On Reflection - released on City Slang. 

If On Reflection was a shape it would be a rectangle with rounded edges and if the rectangle had a face it would be smiling. It is a kind and optimistic record which draws upon the luminosity and warmth of analogue synths to produce a record that is generous in its willingness to please.

face s.png

Describing Selling as family friendly, domestic-techno music is meant in complimentary terms. It's as if On Reflection has been ergonomically designed to be a companion to daily life. A commute, a car journey, cooking or hanging around the home could all be elevated with On Reflection as the soundtrack. In this respect it could be filed next to Four Tet's There Is Love In You as an extraction of dance music that is as melodically rich and ambient as it is dance worthy.

It seems right that some music should be comfortable. Rather than appeal to the lowest common denominator such approach demonstrates an understanding and appreciation of nuance, balance and humbleness in approach. These are all qualities synonymous with modernist design and utilitarian principles that pride being efficient with materials and placing function over form. The end product is a record that is discerning and deserving of your time. AG