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IN REVIEW: RAIME - We Can't Be That Far From The Beginning

Label: RR



Raime return with We Can't Be That Far From The Beginning - a record as opaque and paradoxical as the title suggests. It's full of confusion and voices that emerge from darkness. They are frantic, afraid, worried and panicked. The musical landscapes that their voices occupy reflect all of these emotions back towards themselves - they are products of their environment.

The landscapes created by Raime feel roaming yet endless like the software equivalent of a haunted house. Much like ours, it is a world strewn with the lost souls of Twitter comments past, fragments of YouTube videos and spasms of WhatsApp calls. Maybe in thousands of years people will wonder through an internet ruin - servers floating above planet earth and plant covered stone being the remaining artefacts of human life.

Raime excel in creating abstract forms that feel both contemporary and important. By working with metaphor and symbolism, We Can't Be That Far From The Beginning is music that maximises the potential of it's own medium to present us with deep reflections. AG