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Cinematography: Alexis Zabe


Alexis Zabe is a Director of Photography and Cinematographer from Mexico City.


Alexis became obsessed with movies in his teens, attending local second-run cinemas that ran a different feature every day and frequenting film festivals. While studying filmmaking at the Centro Universitario de Estudios Cinematográficos, he gravitated toward cinematography. Unfortunately, when he graduated, Mexico was experiencing a period of economic turmoil, ‘which basically killed the film industry,’ he stated.


Undaunted, he worked on commercials, documentaries and short film projects, finally scoring his big break in 2004 with his Jim Jarmusch-influenced black-and-white photography on Duck Season, directed by film school classmate Fernando Eimbcke, which earned him cinematography honors at Mexico’s Ariel Awards. He earned another Ariel Award for Silent Light (2007) and a nomination for Eimbcke’s Lake Tahoe (2008).


For the past three years, Zabe has been living in Los Angeles, working on a wide variety of projects, from the Adidas-sponsored short film Original Is Never Finished to writer-director Sean Baker’s outstanding The Florida Project. He has also shot music videos for the Pharrell Williams’ ‘Happy’ and ‘Marilyn Monroe’ plus the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s ‘Sacrilege’.

These stills and text have been taken from his website which can be found here.

Watch the trailer for The Florida Project below.

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