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MUSIC: Sven Grünberg - Hingus

Label: Мелодия

Released in 1981, Sven Grünberg’s Hingus is an otherworldly masterpiece in synth driven ambient music. Ripped from a vinyl recording and put through a YouTube, it has the analogue, mashed digital characteristic that we’ve come to associate with previously obscure records.

Sonically, the record is full of looming inflexions and deeply wilting sheets of sound - it’s as if the universe is bending before our eyes. Oscillating across the vast expanse of space, these large voids and moments of calm are met with enormous crescendos of brilliant light and triumphant exuberance.

This YouTube comment paints an accurate picture:
‘The sound of aliens visiting us...inside spaceships that are running on a DOS operating system...and armed with Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 synths.' - Mr Grundle, YouTube Comment.

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