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IN REVIEW: Saloli - The Deep End

Label: Kranky

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Saloli’s The Deep End is Mary Sutton’s first time composing for synthesiser. Inspiration came from wanting ‘to make something people sitting motionless and naked in hot bubbly water would want to hear’. Each track is performed live on analogue synth, with no overdubbing or additional programming. This approach keeps the tracks simplistic which aligns well with the comfortable setting for The Deep End

Expectedly, the music holds a warmth and fuzziness that only an analogue Synth can create. There are sounds of John Maus’ modal approach to his unique brand of baroque pop and also the slow build of a John Carpenter soundtrack. The bass is a particularly effective component in adding the depth that is promised in the record's title, The Deep End.  The whole things moves at a contemplative space as if slowing thought down. This pace combined with the minimally structured compositions means that every note is felt and accounted for - nothing is wasted. AG