REVISITING: Jon Gibson - Two Solo Pieces


It seems that everything in the known universe is a vibration, an interplay of opposing forces - some refer to it as a dance. What a strange outcome it is, that this vibration should produce beings with the conscious ability to consider their own existence. Depending on whether this phenomenon of human consciousness is viewed from a micro or macro level, it could be considered that we are aliens in this world or that we are a manifestation of the universe exploring itself. 

It’s a gift to the human experience that we should be able to manipulate sound in a way that presents us with an intuitive grasp of the nature of our own place. John Gibson’s ‘Two Solo Pieces’, (released in 1977) captures the tension of this universal vibration, revealing to us the strange reality that we are, through our consciousness and form, a component of this vibration. That we look for order, patterns and the rhythm in things is in itself a strange reality.

When chaos aligns to produce a harmonious moment we stop. Something essential has occurred - what innate intelligence guides us to recognise this? There is every possible manifestation of meaning to be derived but Jon Gibson takes a step further back, creating an attentiveness of the miracle itself. That we should even be in a position to derive meaning from music in the first place is a surreal outcome. Two Solo Pieces provides the listener with a portal to explore these themes intuitively and subjectively - in any way they like. AG